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Technology Links

Imagine Learning –


  1. Enter in the address line of web browser
  2. Log-in with User Name: ________________________ (student’s initials & id/lunch number)

                       Password: _________________________ (id/lunch number)

Same log-in as at school


 Compass Learning Odyssey –


  1. Enter or in the

address line of web browser

  1. Log-in with User Name: ___________________________

                       Password: 123

                       School: HVVES

For support, visit or email


 ST Math – “JiJi” –

Instructions for Desktop/Laptop Computer:

  1. Enter in the address line of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or

Safari are recommended)

  1. Click on JiJi, the penguin
  2. Only if this is the first time logging in at home, you will be asked to enter this homework activation code:


  1. Click “I agree”
  2. Click “Allow local data storage”
  3. Your student will then see the familiar screen with JiJi. He or she needs to click JiJi and enter the password exactly as in school. If there are no unplayed games visible, click the button at the bottom of the screen with the green cones to access games previously passed
  4. After playing, the student should always use the back-arrow button on the bottom-left of the screen (just like at school) to exit the program and ensure that progress is saved

Instructions for Tablet:

  1. Get the app. Search App Store for “ST Math” and load “ST Math: School Version” app
  2. Log-in using School ID: VAL752 and Password: HTTN6PPU - for Android or

Kindle Fire, use activation code: VAL752-HTT-N6-PPU


RAZ-Kids Reading –

> Coming soon! 

Starfall Reading (FREE!) –


  1. Enter into your web browser
  2. Click on any activity to start playing! No log-in necessary